iPhone 4 IOS 5 Upgrade Error 3004 & 3014

I was excited to see the iOS 5 update was available yesterday (10/12/11) so I did what any normal person would do and quickly connected my iPhone 4 via iTunes and clicked the Check for Update button.  The download was about 740MB and didn’t take too long to pull down from Apple’s site.  The install appeared to be going well until it started the restore process and bombed out with an error code 3004/3014.  Did some research via Google and didn’t find an exact fix but found plenty of other people experiencing the same problem.  I was able to get past the verification stage with Apple, but the restore was failing every time I tried update the phone.  I was stuck in an infinite loop.  The phone would have the factory default “Connect to iTunes” message, but every time it went to restore the iOS 5 image it failed.  I finally ran across a few articles taking about pulling the iOS 5 image down directory from Apple and applying that image instead of the one that was pulled down from iTunes.  You can find the iOS 5 image links to all the Apple devices compatible with iOS 5 here.

Once I had the iPhone3,1_5.0_9A334_Restore.ipsw file (specific to my at&t iPhone 4) I connected the phone back to the USB cable and this time, held down the Option key and clicked Restore within iTunes under my device.  This brought up a finder window that enabled me to select my own iOS 5 image to use.  This restored the phone to the original factory defaults (with iOS 5) and got my phone back up and running.  Once iTunes discovered the same phone had been previously backed up on the same machine, it let me select the backup image to apply.  This process took a while.  All the settings, apps, music, and videos had to be copied back to the iPhone.  Once that completed (~1.5 hours) I was back in shape!

I miss Steve…

September’s Inaugural Triad SQL BI PASS User Group

I attended the inaugural Triad SQL BI PASS User Group last week hosted by Inmar in Winston-Salem NC.  DataMasters provided the pizza before the meeting and Wayne Snyder [twitter] from Mariner USA was the guest speaker that talked about the top 10 reasons to upgrade to SQL Server Denali.  Melissa Wittner [triadsqlbi@gmail.com] is the Chapter Leader for the new group and did a wonderful job getting the group start and the meeting organized.  You can visit the chapter’s website here.

Future meetings:

  • October 23rd Performance Point
  • November 29th Dashboards
  • December 8th Social @ Foothills Brewing Company
Top 10 Reasons to Upgrade List:
  1. SSIS Enhancements
  2. Master Data Services Enhancements
  3. Data Quality Services
  4. Column Indexes
  5. SSRS w/ SharePoint
  6. SSRS Data Alerts
  7. PowerPivot Enhancements
  8. DAX (Data Analysis Expression) Language
  9. SSAS Tabular Model
  10. Project Crescent
Wayne spent the next hour doing a deep dive demo for some of the items in the top 10 list.  Wayne has spent the last 9-12 months working in Denali and it shows.  He was able to show the group all aspects of SSIS, column store indexes, and PowerPivot.  This has energized my interest in Denali and trying a few of these new features in my lab.  I’m looking forward to attending this user group on a regular basis.

F11 and VMware ESXi 5 on my Mac

As I was installing ESXi v5 in my lab I came across a prompt to press F11 to accept the license agreement, that I fully read :).  On my Mac I was using iDRAC v6 Enterprise via the browser to install the ISO image.  When I went to press F11, my Mac’s desktop was shown.  I have the full Apple USB keyboard so I tried using the fn key with F11 and without, each time with no success.  I thought I’d start in the System Preferences section under Keyboard.  Under the Mission Control section there was a short-cut for F11 and F12 that was grabbing the keystroke before it was sent through the browser.

Once I un-checked the “Show Desktop” and “Show Dashboard” I was able to reply to the license agreement prompt with F11.

Doug Purnell