T-SQL Tuesday #97 – I am an Obliger

Goal Setting
This month’s T-SQL Tuesday (#tsql2sday) host is Malathi Mahadevan (b|t).
Goal setting has always been a difficult process for me. I always do a great job of researching/organizing my goals for the upcoming year but fall short in the execution phase. I tend to help others with their projects & tasks before mine; I have a hard time holding my self-accountable. For this reason, I decided to take advantage of a professional development program at work that allows us to talk with a career/life coach for a few sessions.

The timing of Malathi’s T-SQL Tuesday post was perfect. I had my coaching session scheduled and it’s review time at work so all these things coincided to make this a perfect time to understand why I have a hard time setting goals before I started building another list of for 2018.

During my coaching session with Barbara Demarest (http://www.barbarademarest.com) she mentioned a book by Gretchen Rubin (b|t) “The Four Tendencies”. Each of us can be grouped into four categories when it comes to completing goals; I’m an Obliger. You can take a 5-minute quiz and see which category you fall in. Go ahead, I’ll wait…

Any surprises? Now that you have an understanding of your tendencies (Upholder, Obliger, Questioner, & Rebel), will you change your strategy for setting/completing your goals for 2018? I know I’m going to. I need external accountability to complete my goals. Because of my tendencies, I now know that I just can’t build a list of goals and hope to complete them. For 2018 I’m working on finding others to help me be accountable. It may be my supervisor, friend, or relative. By having external accountability I’ll be more successful in completing my goals. How about you?

Doug Purnell